About our project

  • Our project

    We had the belief that it would be a great idea to have a platform aimed at foreign students who want to study in the Healthcare field in Portugal. 

    And here it is! This platform —available in English, Portuguese and Spanish— will allow students from all over the world to find all the information they need to know about the Portuguese Education System and the Healthcare training available in renowned Portuguese Training Institutions.



    ➟ An online platform that gathers all the relevant information about the Portuguese Healthcare Schools and promotes its training for Portuguese and foreign students

    ➟ A website that assists foreign students in the adaption processes to move to Portugal

    ➟ An interactive area for experience sharing

    ➟ A space with information about Portugal’s regions and cities

  • A reference website


    Schools don’t have the logistics and the financial capacity to reach individually a target public that can be as interesting as wide-ranging, such as the PALOP, Diáspora Portuguesa, English speakers and other foreign groups. Thanks to this platform, schools will gain access to unique and professional support.



    Our mission is to reach students from all over the world and introduce Portugal as a landmark in Healthcare Training.



    ➟ Promote Portuguese Training in the Healthcare Area worldwide —Bachelor’s Degrees, Degrees, Postgraduate Degrees, Master Degrees, PhDs and other additional training

    ➟ Provide an online platform with information about all Healthcare Portuguese Schools at both national and international level

    ➟ Support foreign students’ integration in Portugal

    ➟ Promote Portugal at a cultural, gastronomic and social level



    ➟ Assist national and foreign students in the Healthcare sector: training, integration, adaptation and moving processes

    ➟ Spread and share local and foreign students’ experiences

    ➟ Post relevant news related to training institutions

    ➟ Advertising of job opportunities

    ➟ Share information on social media and international reference sites

  • Why you should join us?

    ➟ Each Institution has an exclusive area aimed at its specific training and further important information

    ➟ Each school gains exclusive access to its back office

    ➟ We develop a closer relationship with students

    ➟ Detailed, useful and updated information, among other marketing strategies

    ➟ Information about the Healthcare sector in just one place

    ➟ Back office support

    ➟ Personalisation

    ➟ Prestige and recognition

    ➟ Increased visibility

    ➟ Global presence (websites related to students and the Educational Healthcare System)

    ➟ Presence in social media

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